Thursday, November 25, 2010

Orange Butter Cake

This was baked quite sometimes ago. I have been thinking of baking this orange butter cake, and since I need a flavour from my maid agent to counsel my helper so I took this opportunity to bake this cake for her as a gift :).

Ingredients: (for one 8" x 3.5" x 3" and 12 cupcakes)
225g butter (softened)
200g castor sugar (if you prefer to have sweeter cake, you may increase to 225g but I reduced to 180g)
225g self raising flour (sifted)
4 eggs
1 small orange (I used medium size naval orange)

1. Wash a whole orange, cover with water in a small pot, bring to boil and then turn fire down to simmer orange slowly for about 20-30 minutes.
2. Cut cooked orange and remove the seeds and blend it, set aside to cool.
3. Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
4. Add eggs, one at a time to beat till well blended
5. Add the orange pulp, mix it well
6. Fold in flour and gently mix it. As oranges and eggs vary in size, if you feel that the final batter is too soft (ie, not dropping consistency per normal butter cake), please don't hesitate to add 1 or 2 more tbsp of sifted flour to bring it to the right consistency.
7. Pour batter into a greased and lined 8 inch cake tin.
8. Baked in a preheated oven at 170C for 40-45 mins or till skewer comes out clean.
9. Let cake cool in the pan for about 5mins before turning it out on a cooling rack

1. If the cake turn brown before cook, then use aluminium foil to cover and continue with the baking
2. The orange puree MUST be room temperature when you add it to the cake mixture, so you can prepare the orange puree in advance, does not have to be necessarily just before you start baking (I did it one day in advance, I chilled the orange puree in the fridge and brought out to room temperature).

The cake is soft and moist, I ate once when the cake was just cooled, the texture is so fine like melt in my mouth kind. The cupcakes were shared among my family and colleagues, all given thumbs up. The only "negative" comment for the cake was a bit too sweet, probably due to the sweet orange.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Japanese Dark Pearl Chocolate Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cake is a cake that I am low in successful rate and I would like to have much more improvement so that I can bake a nice chiffon cake confidentally any time I like. So I decided to practise again and at the same time, I can submit this bake to Aspiring Bakers to give Small Small Baker some support again.

I first saw this Japanese dark pearl chocolate cake in Aunty Yochana's blog but this recipe went into my To Bake List was only after I saw it again at Honey Bee Sweets, her descriptions of the cake was tempting me so much then.

I expected to have some access batter to bake into cupcakes since the recipe stated for 23" to 25" chiffon cake pan and the size I using was 20". My heart sank when I pour the batter into my 20" chiffon cake pan and was filled just nicely. This means that I might have deflated the batter that's why yield lesser batter. I was disappointed but I popped the batter in the oven, thinking that even if the cake turn kuih alike texture, it will still taste nice.

To my surprise, the cake was rising high in the oven, I was a bit relief when seeing that. I was anxiously waiting for the cake to cool down, used big fan to blow on the cake to speed up the cooling process. Firstly I can't wait to see the cake after unmould, another reason was I need to catch the last daylight before sunset for photo taking. The top of the cake was a bit cracked but I was so delighted when seeing a nicely baked chiffon cake after unmould. The cake was almost perfectly baked and nicely unmoulded, the texture was so spongy that it will bounched back after I pressed hard. Horray! Finally another success on chiffon cake after banana chiffon.

Recipe adapted from here.

Ingredients :
Cocoa Batter:
150g chocolate - chopped
90ml water
100g corn oil
25g cocoa powder
65g cake flour
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
115 g egg yolks (I used 7 egg yolks)

Egg White Batter:
225g egg white (I used 7 egg whites)
100g castor sugar (I reduced to 90g)
a pinch of salt
1/8 tsp of cream of tartar

1. Melt chocolate and stir till smooth. Add in cornoil slowly, stirring all the time till smooth. Fold in the rest of the ingredients and stir till smooth.
2. Whisk egg white with cream of tartar till frothy, then pour in sugar gradually and then add in the salt. whiks till a soft peak is formed.
3. Fold egg white into the egg yolk mixture and then pour into a 23" to 25" round chiffon cake pan. (I used 20")
4. Bake at 175C for about 45 mins or till cooked.
5. Invert cake onto a cooling rack until completely cooled. Remove cake from pan and serve.

Verdict?The cake is soft, moist, rich and chocolaty, taste even more heavenly when I spread with nutella. Next time, I will coat this cake with chocolate ganache, definitely a keeper.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cream Cheese Chiffon Cake

I had baked a few chiffon cakes previously but not all posted out as I am too shameful to share my failure hahaha....I always wanted to bake chiffon cake again, despite failure for most of my chiffon cakes but I believe I need to practice more to achieve better result. So, this is my another practical for chiffon, my department girls love cheesecake so I chose to bake a cheese chiffon cake for them.

As my fear came true, the cake didn't come out successful. There was a hollow at the left side of the cake, you can actually view from the top surface of the cake.

But this was still much better than my previous bake that had a gigantic hollow in the cake which collapsed the whole cake :P. Tata... here are the photos of my previous bake, despite the failure and ugly look, the cake still tasted soft and nice.

So comparing both, I am considered the latter one near to success!

p.s. I have just baked another chiffon, stay tune for the result :D.

Small Smaller Baker is hosting a monthly baking event - Aspiring Bakers and November challenge will be chiffon cake. Although this bake was not successful but I will still submit to SSB to give her some support. If you are interested to find out more about Aspiring Bakers or would like to join in the fun, pls hop over here.

Recipe adapted from Baking Mum.

Ingredients : (for 20" chiffon cake pan)
60g milk
40g cream cheese
25g butter

65g flour (sifted)

4 egg yolks

4 egg whites
90g sugar
pinch of salt
1/8 tsp cream of tartar

1. Preheat oven 170˚C.
2. Cook (A) over double-boiler until well blended and thickens. Remove from double-boiler and let it cool down.
3. Add (C) into cooled down cheese mixture and mix until well combined.
4. Fold in (B) and mix until smooth.
5. Beat egg whites until frothy, add cream of tartar and beat till soft peaks. Add salt and sugar and beat till stiff peaks.
6. Fold 1/2 of the egg whites into cheese mixture, gently with a rubber spatula until just blended.
7. Pour cheese mixture (step 6) into the rest of egg whites, fold it gently with rubber spatula until blended.
8. Put batter into a 9-inch chiffon cake pan, bang the pan on a hard surface to release the bubbles and bake for 35 - 40 minutes.
9. When the cake is cooked, invert the cake to cool. Remove the cake from the cake pan when it is completely cool

The texture of the cake is pillowy soft with very mild cheese flavour, my department girls likes the cake a lot.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Elvis Presley's Whipping Cream Pound Cake

This is the cake that I had bookmarked immediately when see it at Honey Bee Sweets. Some may realised that I baked a lot of recipes from Bee Bee, yes I admitted cos I find that we have similar taste bud so for those bakes that she raved about it, I have no hesitate to give a try.

This recipe has been in waitlist since I 1st saw it on July 2010, reason being I was hunting around for Horizon whipping cream which highly recommended by Bee Bee. However I have no luck of finding it, I went to a few cold storage and even market place but I can only found Horizon sour cream so I gave up, I just used the whipping heavy cream that I bought from one of the bakery supply store.

Recipe adapted from here.

(for 9" x 5" cake pan)
1/2 cup (113.4g) quality unsalted butter, room temperature
1.5 cups (145g) Hong Kong flour, sifted (I used cake flour)
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup (225g) caster sugar (I reduced to 180g)
3 large eggs
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 cup (236.6ml) quality heavy whipping cream

1.In a large mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar together till light and fluffy.
2.Sift the cake flour and salt together and set aside for use later.
3.Preheat the oven to 180 and grease a loaf pan (9" by 5") and line with parchment.
4.Crack an egg in to the butter mixture one at a time and mix well before adding in another.
5.Add vanilla extract and mix well again. Then add 1/4 of the cake flour in and mix well. Now add in 1/3 of the whipping cream and mix. Repeat this, alternating flour and cream till all is mixed in.
6.Pour the batter into the prepared pan and place in the oven to bake. Bake for at least 30 minutes or till the tester comes out with moist crumbs. DO NOT over bake as it will make the cake slightly dry.

Verdict :
I believed I had over whipped the batter that caused the compact and wet look texture. However the cake still tasted very delicious, dense, moist, fine, tender and melt in your mouth but a bit too sweet for me even I had reduced the sugar, next time will need to reduce further. The cake finished very fast, I think within 3 days. Definitely a keeper.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Chocolate Dulche de Leche Mousse & Lemon Cheese Cake

This birthday cake was made for one of my department gal, she gave birth the next day (2 weeks in advance of her EDD (estimate delivery date))after got the cake from me. Glad that she was still on time to taste the cake and love the cake. I combined all her favourites to come out this cake, she was craving for sour food, cheesecake and chocolate.

Ingredients : (for 6" cake tin)
For Base:
80gm digestive biscuits - blended
30gm butter - melted

Mix all the biscuit base ingredients together and press into a 6" springform tin. Baked at preheated oven at 200C for 10 mins and cool aside then chill in the refrigerator while preparing the filling.

Lemon Cheesecake :
adapted from here
250g cream cheese, room temperature
50g caster sugar

2 eggs
100g lemon cooking chocolate, chopped
60g whipping cream
30g cake flour
1 tsp lemon extract

Method :
1. Preheat the oven to 160°C. Pour some water to the base of the baking tray to create a water-bath. Wrap the base of the cake pan with aluminum foil to protect the water from sipping in.
2. In a mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese and sugar till fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and beat again till combined.
3. Add chocolate mixture and stir well. Lastly, sift in the cake flour and combine till mixture is smooth.
4. Pour the batter into the prepared cake pan with the cookie base. Bake in the oven for 35 - 45 minutes. Making sure not to over bake, the center of the cake should still be a little "wobbly" when done.
5. Remove from oven and and set aside to cool.

Chocolate Dulce de Leche Mousse : adapted from here.
200ml whipping cream, cold
100g dulce de leche, cold
100g dark chocolate, chopped (melted the chocolate over double boiling method)
1 tsp gelatin
1 tbsp water

Method :

1. Measure water into a bowl and sprinkle in the gelatin (without stirring with a spoon). Set aside to allow the gelatin grains to swell (10 mins) before setting the bowl over a pot of simmering hot water. Stir with a spoon and once the gelatin melts, remove the bowl from the pot and set aside to cool to room temperature.
2. Put dulce de leche into mixing bowl and put in a bit of cream. On low speed, mix to combine, adding more gradually. When all the whipping cream has been added in, turn to high speed and beat until soft peaks.
3. Turn to low speed. Add in gelatin mixture slowly while beating, and beat until stiff.
4. Fold in the melted chocolate and mix well.

Assembly :
1. Pour the chocolate DDL mousse onto the lemon cheesecake. You may reserve one cup of the mousse for decoration purpose.
2. Chill the cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours, unmould the cake and decoration as desire.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Banana & Oreo Muffins

I will be flying away for holiday during this weekend and back a week later, need to fly again immediately for my business trip. I had quite a nos of scheduled backlog so you will still seeing my postings during the period of my absent but I won't be responding to the comments and visit your blog. Hope you won't miss me much hahaha.... thick skin me leh :P.

Dear daughter is so excited about this holiday, she has been counting down on the day of departure. When she got to know that we are going to Disneyland Tokyo, she went around to tell her classmates. I was so surprised to know that they as 6 yrs old kids, already know how to share among themselves about the holidays. Dear daughter told me that some of her friends are going to Hawaii, Australia, Korea etc. I was thinking, gosh, when I was their age, my peer don't talk about all these, anyway during my time traveling was not common at all.

Back to my bake, I received sms from S, a mother of dear daughter's ex schoolmate, dear daughter was invited to join their family for an outing. So in order to thank her for bringing dear daughter out, I decided to bake something for the family. I took this opportunity to try out this banana & oreo muffin that is in my To Bake List :).

I would like to thanks 我的厨房乐园for sharing this award with me, I am very happy and greatly appreciated. Again, my dear friend, thank you so much for awarding me.

Recipe adapted from Cuisine Paradise and I doubled up the recipe so I can bring some to office too.

Ingredients: (make 16 muffins cup size 5.5cm wide and 4cm height)
220g butter, soften
180 sugar
220g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
4 egg
4 tbsp condensed milk
3 medium banana, mashed with fork
12 - 16 pieces of oreo cookies
1 tsp vanilla essence / extract

1. Sift the flour, baking power and baking soda together and set aside.
2. Remove the cream from the cookies, place the cookies in a ziplock bag, use a rolling pin, crashed the cookie into fine crumbs.
3. Cream butter and sugar with electric beater till light and fluffy(about 3 minutes on medium speed).
4. Add in egg one at a time and beat till the mixture is well combine without any egg trace.
5. Add mashed banana, vanilla essence and condensed milk into the butter mixture and give it a quick whisk.
6. Lower the mixer speed, add flour mixture and blend till the mixture become smooth.
7. Stir in the oreo cookies crumbs till combined, scoop the mixture into prepared muffin cups to 3/4 full.
8. Top the muffin batter with oreo cookies (or some extra banana slices if you like to), bake in preheated 180 degree oven for about 20 - 25 minutes or till a toothpick inserted in the center and comes out clean.

Like what Ellena had described, the muffin is rather soft and moist that resemble cake like texture. Banana goes very well with oreo too. S sms to tell me that the muffin is very delicious, my colleagues shared the same view and the muffin tasted great even when it is cooled.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Chocolate Nutella Dulce de Leche Mousse Cake

This is the birthday cake I made for my nephew, I do not want to make him a usual chocolate mousse cake so I combined both recipes that I had used before and came out this.

Ingredients : for 7" cake
For Base:
80gm oreo cookies - blended
30gm butter - melted

Mix all the biscuit base ingredients together and press into a 6" springform tin. Baked at preheated oven at 200C for 10 mins and cool aside then chill in the refrigerator while preparing the filling.

Dulce De Leche Mousse : Adapted from here
200ml whipping cream, cold
100g dulce de leche, cold
1 tsp gelatin
1 tbsp water

1. Measure water into a bowl and sprinkle in the gelatin (without stirring with a spoon). Set aside to allow the gelatin grains to swell (10 mins) before setting the bowl over a pot of simmering hot water. Stir with a spoon and once the gelatin melts, remove the bowl from the pot and set aside to cool to room temperature.
2. Put dulce de leche into mixing bowl and put in a bit of cream. On low speed, mix to combine, adding more gradually. When all the whipping cream has been added in, turn to high speed and beat until soft peaks.
3. Turn to low speed. Add in gelatin mixture slowly while beating, and beat until stiff.

For Nutella Chocolate Mousse : adapted from here
1 egg yolks
15g sugar
40g melted butter
50g dark chocolate
100g nutella
150ml whipped cream
1 tsp gelatin powder + 1 tbsp water

Method :
1. Measure water into a bowl and sprinkle in the gelatin (without stirring with a spoon). Set aside to allow the gelatin grains to swell (10 mins) before setting the bowl over a pot of simmering hot water. Stir with a spoon and once the gelatin melts, remove the bowl from the pot and set aside to cool to room temperature.
2. Melt dark chocolate and nutella over a pot of simmering hot water and stir till mix well and set aside to cool down to room temperature.
3. Whisk the egg yolk and sugar on a double boiler until pale in color and thicken. Mix in the melted butter.
4. Add the melted dark chocolate & nutella to the egg yolk mixture, mix until well combine.
5. Add in the gelatin solution and mix well.
6. Fold in the whipped cream into the chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Ganache Topping :
100g chocolate, chopped
60g whipping cream
20g butter

1. Boil the chocolate, whipping cream and butter until mix well and smooth. Set aside for cool slightly.

Assembly :
1. Alternate scoop the DLL mousse and Nutella Chocolate Mousse onto the cookie base until fill up 3/4 of the cake tin. Left one cup of DLL mouse for decoration purpose if desire.
2. Chill the mousse cake in the fridge and about 4 hours.
3. Bring the mousse cake out from the fridge and unmould the cake.
4. Pipe the DLL mousse at the edge of the cake and pour in the chocolate ganache and chill the cake until serving.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Roasted Chicken

I have been cooking for some of the Sunday dinners, one of the dishes that I love to serve will be roasted chicken. This recipe is the roasted chicken that you can find in the chicken rice store, original recipe is using oil frying but I used oven to roast it. I am trying to minimize deep frying in my house (even though my helper can help me to deep fry but I just dislike the feeling of the whole house is so oily and smoky after each deep frying.

I am also trying to "convert" my MIL to use oven to bake the fried chicken wings instead of deep frying. Although the result is not as crispy as using oil to deep fry but still crispy and tasty, more healthy too. I love seeing the oil dripping down from the chicken when baking in the oven, feel so happy that the oil didn't go into my body :P.

Back to the roasted chicken, I used the sauce to braise some hard boiled eggs since dear daughter and myself love braised eggs. Dear daughter is crazy over hard boiled eggs, one of her tea break will be hard boiled egg if she is hunting for food. Sometimes she can eat as many as 3 eggs per day but only the whites, she will discard the yolk since is too dry for her (she is so alike of me, I dislike the egg yolk of hard boiled egg too :P). I cooked the chicken rice using ready-mix sauce to go with the roasted chicken, easy and fast and yummy :).

Recipe Adapted from Kitchen Caper

Ingredients :
1 Chicken about 1.2kg

1/2 cup dark and light soya sauce
1 tbsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tbsp 5 spice powder
3 tbsp honey
2 tbsp hua-tiao wine
1 tbsp sesame oil
3 tbsp salt (cut to 2 tbsp)
1/2 tsp pepper
1.5l water

Method :
1. Bring to boil all the marinate
2. Add cleaned chicken and boil briefly for about 2 mins, turning the chicken to ensure that all parts are marinated.
3. Off the fire and leave chicken in the pot to soak, turn it once in a while. Season for about 2 hours.
4. Drain the chicken and leave to dry for a while.
5. Roast chicken at pre-heat oven at 180C for 40-50 mins or knife goes in to the thickest part of thigh and water from chicken comes out clear.
6. Let it cool before cutting & serving with a mixture of soya sauce, sesame oil and water.


The chicken is too salty, I will definitely need to further reduce the salt to 1 tbsp or less if I am going to cook it again. The meat is quite tender even for breast meat but the skin is not as crispy as the oil fry version and in all, still quite delicious.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Baked Durian Cheesecake

I have been very busy for the past few days, guess this busy period will be continued for the next 3 months as one of my department gal has gone for maternity leaves since last week so one manpower down.

I hardly have times to visit blogs for the past few days, I can only read/scan through the blogs while I was in public transport using iphone, totally no time for me to leave comments. I was too tire after reaching home and now almost sleep throughout the night. As usual, my weekend are always jam pack, full of visiting, outing and also sending dear daughter for her classes so when I have times, just wanna lay on the sofa or bed to rest or take a nap.

I am also getting quite lazy recently, no time plus no mood to bake, I didn't bake for about 3 weeks, luckily I still have some backlogs that scheduled for posting.

This durian cheesecake was for my MIL's birthday that I just baked last week. I have 2 boxes of durian meat in the freezer so I decided to use it for my MIL's birthday.

I had reduced the ingredients to fit into 6" cake pan and did some adjustment but the batter was too much that almost filled up the 6" cake pan. Due to the insufficient space to leave for the topping, my durian cheesecake yield a thin layer of topping which is ok for me since I love the filling much more than the topping :P.

When I whipped up some durian cream for decoration, I forgot that there will be a lot of fiber from the durian meat. It was so difficult to pipe cos the durian fiber kept stuck in the pipping tip, the cream that squeezed out from the pipping tip cannot form a nice pattern, next time I will sift the blended durian meat 1st before mixing into the whipped cream.

The cheesecake was soft when sliced and actually quite messy even I had chilled the cake overnight, probably due to I have increased the amount of durian meat and reduced slightly the cream cheese. For the sliced cake that looked so neat, because I freezed it and sliced it next day for photo shooting.

Recipe adapted from Aunty Yochana.

For Base:

80gm oreo cookies - blended
30gm butter - melted

Mix all the biscuit base ingredients together and press into a 6" springform tin. Baked at preheated oven at 200C for 10 mins and cool aside then chill in the refrigerator while preparing the filling.

350gm durian meat
250gm cream cheese (soften)
55gm sugar
25gm cornflour
120ml coconut milk
70ml whipping cream
2 eggs (beaten)


100gm durian meat
40gm fresh milk
30gm whipping cream
15gm sugar
1 egg

For Decoration :
100g durian meat - blended
150g whipping cream - whipped

Mix both together until well mixed.

Method for Filling:
1.Cream cream cheese and sugar till well combined. Add in corn flour follow by the rest of the ingredients. Mix till smooth.
2.Pour cream cheese durian mixture onto the chilled biscuit base and then steam bake at 160C for about 50 to 60 mins.
3.Mix the topping ingredients together and pour on top of the hot baked cheese cake. Bake for about 15 to 20 mins.
4.Leave to cool on a cooling rack and then chill for at least 4 - 5 hours before serving.
5.Decorate as desire and chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

The cheesecake is rich and creamy, full of durian flavour. The topping tasted like durian kuih, the durian cream tasted good only if you tasted it 1st before the durian cheesecake and topping, if not it will tast too bland. Even the oreo cookies base also tasted great, a bit crunchy since I baked the base.
If you are a durian and cheesecake lover, you will definitely fall in love with this cheesecake. I asked dear husband how is the cake, he answered "I am serving myself 2nd slice, so what do you think?" :D. Those that tasted this cheesecake given a thumb up excluded dear daughter, she wants a ice cream cake :(.
Definitely a keeper but only can indulge once in a long period cos the smell of the durian is so strong that stay long period in the fridge and even in the house.


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