Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oreo Dulce de Leche Mini Cheesecake

Wanted to make some cheese cupcakes for my department gals so looked through my To Bake List and decided to bake this oreo mini cheesecake. Why? Because one of the ingredient caught my attention, condensed milk, yes I can replace it with dulce de leche since I have a few cans in stock :).

Recipe modified from Table for 2 or more.

Ingredients : (for 6 big muffin casing)
250gm cream cheese
150gm sweetened condensed milk (I changed to dulce de leche)
2 eggs, separated
1 small pinch of cream of tartar
1 Tbsp sugar 18 pcs oreo cookies

*everything be at room temperature when u're ready to start.

I am submitting this to Aspiring Bakers #6 : Say Cheese! (April 2011) hosted by Jean of Need More Noms.

Method :
1. Separate Oreos, leaving 12 pcs w/o cream intact and round. Put the rest of the biscuits together with the filling into a food processor and pulse til fine. Remember to preheat ur oven (150C) and boil water after this.
2. Line big muffin tin with paper cups. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of oreo crumbs onto paper cups and smooth out with a teaspoon, lightly press the crumbs to flatten.
3. With a mixer, beat egg whites until frothy, add in cream of tartar continue to beat until soft peaks. Add in sugar and beat til stiff (as long as egg whites don't fall when overturned, it will be fine, no need to be pointy stiff). Set aside, and quickly do the next step.
4. Cream cream cheese on low speed until smooth (a minute or 2), put in condensed milk (or DDL) and egg yolks and continue to beat on low speed for another minute until well combined. Fold in egg whites.
5. Spoon (4) into prepared paper cups. Top with an oreo biscuit or u can break it up and put it where ever u like (middle, top)
6. Bake for 20 minutes in a waterbath.
7. Leave to cool in oven, door ajar. Cool completely before chilling.
8. Best chilled for 3 hours or more before serving.

This cheesecake is cheesy and creamy with nice fragrant of dulce de leche, yummy. My department gals like the cheesecake a lot, they wished to have more but I only made 6 cupcakes :P.

I had received surprises recently, there are 5 bloggers shared this lovely award with me during almost the same period:). Thank you Baking Library, Cherry Potato, Cosy Bake, Muimui25 and Yummy Bakes , I am very happy and honored to receive it and your kind gesture has given me a lot of motivations and encourgements. Once agin, thank you very much!


  1. WOW! that look so extremely lovely and delicious! (: (:

  2. hey jess..this is super nice! I'm gonna make it..sooooon...yummy!!!!

  3. This looks really yummy! But I've a rather stupid question - how do you do the waterbath for the individual paper cups? Or do you place on a metal tray and put that into another bigger tray with water? Thanks :D

  4. Jess, great to see starts rolling again. It's been awhile since you last post. Hope you're well. Take care and have a lovely evening.
    Best wishes,

  5. DDL + Cheese? Oh the fragrance sure fantastic....

  6. Jess, this is one of my favourites. I love anything with oreo, and I think DDL makes this cake very special :)

  7. Heehee, another Oreo post from you! Guess what? I also post up an Oreo post too, lol! Another version of oreo cheesecake...nice!

  8. Cool! Now I have one more recipe to use up my dulce de leche!

  9. What an indulgence..would love to have bite! Lovely clicks. The slices piece look scrumptious.

  10. Hi Janine

    I used the muffin tray and put inside a big tray that filled up with 1/4 water.

  11. Jess, if i may give you the title "Queen of Cheese cake & dulce de leche " ;)
    I love the idea adding oreo, full of flavor!

  12. wow! this'll make a cookie monster like me very very happy!

  13. OMG! My son will love this Orea cupcakes! Lovely!

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