Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am back!!!

Hello everyone, how are you? Hope you have not forgotten me, yet! if you are, then I will be very upset hahaha...

Times flies, my little kicker (he loves to kick since he was in my tummy lol) is coming 9 mths old, my life turn almost upside down with him onboard. Being a 7 year old's mum doesn't make me able to handle the new born well, everything seem like new experiences. I hardly can have my leisure time as a mum of 2 children, especially with an active child and super active baby, who is not able to stay still even when sleep lol. Although I love my little kicker but I must admit that sometimes, I do miss the free and easy times that I was enjoying before his arrival keekeekee...

I have resumed my baking recently, back by demand from my colleagues and friends, and of course dear daughter hahaha... I will not be able to bake as active as previously (though I wasn't very active then :P) but I am trying to steal times to bake during some weekends, chop chop during little kicker's nap time.

I have some backlogs yet to post too, those bakes before my pregnancy which were more than one year ago. I was actually quite reluctant to post cos those pictures of bakes are really quite not nice. Not that my current ones are beautiful but at least more "lookable", with the DSLR. Yah, finally I am starting to use dear husband's camera, after he bought a 30mm lense for me to shoot my bakes, must maximise the usage right hahaha.

Although I didn't like those old bakes's pictures but I decided to post them up to record in my baking journey, especially those really good recipes. So from the photos of the bakes, you will definitely know which are the old bakes and which are the recent ones heeheehee....

I might not be able to leave comments on your blog but be assured that I am still "spying" at your blog from time to time during my long journey from office back home.

Miss you all and stay tune for my updates!


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