Friday, August 15, 2014

Japanese Condensed Milk Bread 日式练乳面包

This was baked during June when this bread was so popular in blogosphere, seem like going everywhere can see it lol. 1st time I was so on that immediately jumped on the banwagon but only waited till now then post it up.

Ingredients A :
200g bread flour   
25g condensed milk        
120g milk     
10g caster sugar     
3g instant yeast       

Ingredients B :
20g salted butter       

Ingredients C :
25g condensed milk     
25g salted butter    

Decoration :
some almond flakes
some raisins
some dried cranberries

Method : (used kenwood breadmaker 250)
1. Put all ingredients A into the bread maker, turn on function no. 8.
2. The machine will rest after 5 minutes of mixing, then add in ingredients B after the
     first stop.
3.  When the machine starts to operate again, it will knead the ingredients for another 20 
    minutes, let the dough rest inside the machine for 1 hour.
4. Now you could prepare ingredients C, mix them until even only.
5. Remove the dough from the machine, punch the dough to expel air, flatten the dough and cut into 4 long stripes, spread some mixture in (4) at the surface of the dough, overlap the dough and divide them into equal rectangular size.
6. Arrange (5) vertically into the 20cm chiffon mould that has been greased with (4). 
7. Cover with cling wrap, let it proved until double in size, spread the remaining 
    mixture in (4), then sprinkle decorative ingredients on top.
8.  Bake at pre-heat oven at 165C for 25 mins.

The bread is soft and so addictive, you will continue one after another especially with the toppings. I like it to toast a bit before consuming, yummy!

 This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs Up organised by Bake for Happy Kids and My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Diana from The Domestic Goddess Wannabe


  1. 好漂亮的面包, 我撕小几片回家配milo当早点了! 谢咯

  2. good morning,这个是早餐也。面包最合我了。嘻嘻嘻 。。

  3. what a very pretty little wreath bread... i can't even bear to eat it! i'll just hang it up

  4. So long i didn't bake bread as takes a lot of time to do it...

  5. Hi Jess, this bread looks nice with the toppings. I saw it in a few blogs but I haven't followed the trend yet :)

  6. Hi Jess, I bookmarked this to try but still procrastinating whether to try. Seeing you lovely bread, I will do it. This looks quite similar to Monkey Bread.

  7. This looks almost like a X'mas cake! It must be very delicious too.

  8. Hi Jess,
    I agreed with Angie ams Vic. It is such a pretty Christmas wreath bread.
    I am loving it!

  9. Jess,
    I have baked this last night.
    My dear son and dear husband love it very much ^_^
    Thanks for sharing!
    Will post it soon.

  10. Hi Jess this is definitely the "in" bread right now, and little wonder too when it is so pretty!


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