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Pickled Pumpkin with Plum - 梅子南瓜



Last week was my hectic week, beside rushing for month end report, there was an important event which is the farewell party for my VP. I was tasked to assist my Sales Director to plan for the agenda, program,venue decoration, a giant farewell card for the messages from all the staff, video clip with recording of messages from our HQ, rep offices and of course, each management, department  of our Singapore office. On top of that, we have to prepare personal farewell gift to him as well. 

As the event venue was in my office reception area, there are some restrictions and limited resources and budget so it is actually quite challenging job. Luckily, bosses and colleagues were impressed with the deco, everyone was busy taking photos on each of our creation as we even came out a photo booth with giant photo frame (frame with signatures from office staff) and props for photo taking. My VP was so touched and he said he felt like he was at D&D kind of event due to the deco atmosphere and set up. 

All were DIY by my team, including the giant backdrop and banner! We printed out using A3 size art cards and joined the pieces into a wall size backdrop, the banner is even a die cut odd shape lol. I am so so glad that I have such a good team that helping to make it happened, must buy them lunch soon. 

I didn't expect I will cry during the event although a few of closed ones bet and teasing me since I am so emotional kind. As we are being well alerted on my VP's retirement since he made known to us, those who are closed to him, since a few years ago that he will be retiring before 50 yrs old. I thought I am well prepared, although I did cry when my VP asked me into his room to official announce to me on the date of his retirement. When the video clip flashing out the old photos and brought out a lot of good memories for the past 16 years working with him. That was just the beginning of event and I was starting to cry already. Worst, my emotional has affected a few of my closed colleagues and all of us were in tears. I guess I am one of the worst that non-stop crying from the beginning to the end, so pai sei....

Today is the 1st day official working days without him around being our big boss, I know I am not going to get use to it, I am going to miss him a lot... oh no while writing, my tears start dripping again :(. I think I shall stop here before my colleagues get suspicious lol.

ok back to this post. I always like to eat achar, those marinated fruits or sour plum etc.When Irene posted this, I was wondering how will the marinated pumpkin taste, and since Irene highly recommended, of course I must give it a try! 
I also copied Irene to make the marinated pumpkins into roses, this is not a easy job for me since I am always笨手笨脚lol.
Recipe adapted from  最爱。。

Ingredients :
300g pumpkin

Marinate Ingredients :
80g rice vinegar
150g sugar
5 sour plum
1 chilli

 Method :

1. Wash clean the pumpkin, remove the skin and seeds, thinly sliced.
2. Wash chilli and remove seeds, slice into strips.
3. Cook vinegar and sugar until sugar dissolve, add in sour plum, mix well and set aside to cool.
4. Once cook, mix in pumpkin slices and chilli and mix well.
5. Marinate for about 25-30 mins, serve in room temperature or chill.

This tasted like marinated papaya, cannot tell is pumpkin at all. It is so addictive, I can't stop munching once start eating. I let many tried and none has guessed correctly that is pumpkin and all given compliments. The pickled pumpkin remains crunchy even after many many days, didn't turn soft at all. Definitely a keeper.

This post is linked to the event, Little Thumbs Up organised by Bake for Happy Kids and My Little Favourite DIY, and hosted by Eileen's Diary.

 & co-hosted by Charmaine of Mimi Bakery House.


  1. Wish i can do as good as you, what i do always turn out so ugly

  2. 人嘛!都是感性的,尤其与你共处多年的上司,荣休而离开,心里肯定很不舍。


  3. 哇(⊙o⊙)哇。。。还做到这样美啊!哈哈哈!

  4. Hi Jess, I must have missed this post from Irene. I love this kind of snack. Must be crunchy and addictive.

  5. 这个真像一朵玫瑰花, 送我一朵吧!

  6. Hi Jess, so they tasted like papaya pickles ? ... hmm ... bookmark this appetizing Pickled Pumpkin with Plum.

  7. Jess, well done to you and your team, It is sad to lose a good boss and good bosses are hard to come by. I am very curious about this pickled pumpkin as this is the first time I heard about it.

  8. So is this the pickle that you mentioned b4? It reminds me of the papaya pickle that I had when I was young!

  9. Hi Jess, this pickled pumpkin looked very appetizing.

  10. Jess,

  11. Hi Jess,

    These pickled pumpkin is a perfect appetizer to munch and crunch before dinner. You are making me salivating :p


  12. Love these marinated pumpkin roses, Jess. They are so beautiful!

  13. Hi Jess
    Thanks for linking up! At first sight, I thought they look like pickled mango, such beautiful roses you made out of the pickled pumpkin, so lovely. This is already the 2nd pickled pumpkin I have seen today, definitely gonna bookmark this recipe and go hunt for sour plums in chinese supermart! :)

  14. Jess, love these pumpkin pickled roses you have made, they are so pretty and yet fun to eat it petal by petal.


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