Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gula Melaka Ma Lai Ko (Steamed Sponge Cake) 椰糖馬来糕

My initial intention is not to make Ma Lai Ko, while I was shopping for the ingredients to make kuih, I suddenly think of Tim Ho Wan's Ma Lai Ko, I changed my mind immediately heeheehee...

I do not really fancy steamed cake except this steamed moist chocolate cake and steamed lapis bumi cake. There is another steamed cake which I do not mind eating at all, is Tim Ho Wan's Ma Lai Ko, so this is an opportunity for me to try it out. I didn't have time to do much google and I even forgot to google with Tim Ho Wan's name, I thought Ma Lai Ko is all about same taste :P.

Recipe adapted with modification from Butter Flour and Me & Alvina's Baking Journey

 Ingredients :
3 eggs
35g brown sugar
100g gula melaka (cut into small pieces and smash)
150 self raising flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
30g custard powder
75 evaporation milk
75g melted butter 

Method :
1. Line the cake pan with baking paper, wrap the outer cake pan with aluminum foil.
2. Whisk eggs until bubbles, slowly add in brown sugar and gula melaka and beat until ribbon stage.
3. Drizzle melted butter bit by bit into the batter, fold slowly and gently to mix well.
4.  Fold in sifted flour and custard powder and mix well slowly and gently.
5. Mix in evaporation milk to the batter in 3 additions.
6. Pour the batter into the cake pan, set aside to rest for 1.5 hours.
7. Boil the water and steam the cake in high heat for 30 mins or until skewer come out clean. (I steamed for 30 mins and skewer came out clean but the center bottom layer of the cake is still wet and sticky.

* I threw in raisins and drizzle dessicated coconut at 1/2 side of the cake batter.

Probably till to my bad folding skill, only the cake small top layer is super fluffy like Tim Ho Wan's texture, the rest is like butter cake texture. The cake sweetness can be increased, probably like another 10-20g sugar. As for the taste, I can smell but can't taste the gula melaka. The cake is overall taste like steam cake, which is not really my liking, dun taste like Tim Ho Wan's version. However, my colleagues think is nice, and one colleague even said she love it!

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  1. You know what?this is my favourite kuih since small,wish could have one for my tea time snack...hehe

  2. Hi Jess, there are various versions of Mah Lai Koh. Yours looks very fluffy on the top. Most Mah Lai Koh are light, soft and moist.

  3. 软软的

  4. 我很担心蒸糕。尤其是大盘的。所以我爱用小杯子。大模子我拿捏不到蒸的时间和长短。呜呜。。。要慢慢学习才可以。

  5. I really wish I had a steamer to make this. It looks so moist and beautiful.


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