Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pumpkin Kueh Sago with Coconut Filling 珍珠南瓜粿 LTU #29

I am not a kueh lover, the savory kueh I will dig $ out from pocket to purchase occasionally will be soon kueh, and sweet ones will be 9 layers kueh and ang ku kueh with peanut filling. For so many years, I never think of making kueh myself until recently, especially for sweet ones and especially after these purple sweet potato gems, Now, I am so keen to make kueh, I started to go search for types of kueh to make and the recipes. Too bad that coconut theme is going to end soon, if not the next rest of the posts should be all about kueh hahaha....

I think these kueh are special and pretty, at least I didnt see it commonly at stores, thus thinking to try it myself since the ingredients and steps are not complicate for me.

The dough is a bit too dry, when I used mixer to beat the dough, it broken into pieces that cannot stick together. So I added some pumpkin juice and used hands to knead instead.

Recipe adapted from  厨苑食谱

Ingredients A:
125g glutinoud rice flour
1 tsp wheat starch
1 tsp caster sugar
1 1/2 tbsp coconut oil
150g mashed pumpkin   

Ingredients B:
50g sago (soak sago in water for 10minutes, dish out, drained and keep aside.)
some banana leaf (cut banana leaf into round shapes)

100g shredded young coconut + 30g brown sugar (mix well)

1. Combine all the ingredients, knead to form a smooth dough, then cover it with a wet cloth.
2. Divide the dough into 13 portions, each about 23g, and form dough into ball shapes, flatten the dough with a rolling pin. Spoon in some filling, wrap well and form into ball again.
3.  Coat dough with sago, place it on a banana leaf.

4. Steam kueh sago over hot boiling water over high heat for 7 minutes until cooked. 

The kueh are so pretty, I just simply love the look of the kueh, even dear husband also praised the outlook of the kueh, told me should take the before and after steam photos lol. 

The kueh is soft and chewy, taste nice with the coconut fillings. Overall the kueh is not sweet at all, even the fillings, so sugar level can increase a bit for me but for sweet tooth, must increase more.  Next time, I will try put in some gula melaka bits which I think will taste even better heeheehee


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