Friday, June 26, 2020

Stained Glass Cookies 玻璃曲奇

Recipe adapted from Nasi Lemak Lover

Ingredients : makes about 80pcs (depend on the size of cutter)
200g unsalted butter, room temp
110g caster sugar
2 tsp lemon juices
324g cake flour
24g corn flour
1/2tsp baking soda
Fruity candy (FOX or BON BON brands)

  1. Sift cake flour, corn flour and baking soda, set aside.
  2. Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
  3. Add in lemon juices and flour mixture, mix well.
  4. Use a rolling pin, roll the dough to a thin sheet (~4mm), keep in the fridge (30 mins) to harden for easy handling.
  5. Use cookie cutters to cut dough into desired shapes. Transfer cookies to prepared baking sheets.
  6. Using a smaller cookie cutter or a knife, cut shapes into centers of cookies, reserving these center bits to add into extra dough.
  7. If cookies will be hung as ornaments or decorations, poke a small hole in the top of each cookie before baking.
  8. Bake at pre-heated oven at 160C for 10 mins. Remove the tray from the oven.
  9. Cut candy to ½ or 1/3, place it into the hollowed-out centers of the half baked cookies, try to keep the candy within the centers. Any candy specks that fall on the cookie will color the cookie.
  10. Continue to bake for another 7-8 mins, the candy should be melted and bubbling.
  11. Remove baking tray from oven and place on wire racks to cool. When cookies are completely cooled, remove and store in an airtight container. String with ribbon if you want to hang as an ornament.

Notes :
  • Try not to make hollow cut centre too big, otherwise the candy couldn't spread to entire centre and result incomplete glass effect,  or take time to spread out and resulted cookie over baked (I do not have many choices of cookies cutter so have to make do with what I have. However I felt that those incomplete glass effect also looks nice lol.)
  • FOX's candies’s color looks more fade but if there is no comparison, they look nice too, they have the see through effect. The BON BON candies’s colour were more bright and outstanding when looked at Sonia's photos of the cookies. However I remember I can't get this brand in Spore, dear brother helped me to hut when went to JB but also failed to get it. I got another brand finally that yield more darker and brighter color.

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