Friday, August 14, 2020

Muah Chee 麻糍

When I saw the muah chee pix sent by my friend during CB period  that made  by his wife, I immediately asked dear daughter whether she want to eat and her replied was yes!

Recipe adapted from Anncoo Journal

Sticky Dough
250g glutinous rice flour
3 tbsp caster sugar
375g water (about 1½ cup)

30g sugar & 80g ground or crushed roasted peanuts – mix together (add more sugar if you prefer)

1.    Grease some vegetable oil on a 7” or 8” round cake tin.
2.    Bring water to boil in a wok or steaming pot and steam the greased cake tin over high heat. (I only pre-steamed the greased cake tin during 1st time of making, subsequently I skipped this step)
3.    Mix glutinous rice flour and 3 tbsp sugar together in a large bowl and gradually add water into it.
4.    Stir batter till smooth and pour batter into the prepared cake tin.
5.    Cover lid and steam for 40 minutes over medium low heat.
6.    Leave cooked sticky dough to cool.
7.    Grease your teaspoon with little oil, scoop sticky dough and drop it on the mixed sugar and peanuts, coat well and serve.

·        keep the unfinished portion of the cooked dough in the fridge (without coating with the peanuts) – cover with foil. The sticky dough is still very soft and chewy even for a day or two. (I kept the unfinished portion in the fridge, steamed the portion I wanted, waited till cool then coated with ground peanuts, still taste very good.)

·        If you are buying the ready-made ground peanut from supermarket, pls read the ingredients as there are 2 options, pure peanuts or mixed with sugar.

The muah chee is so good that I made several times during CB period.


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